Our Personal Business Tools

What products do we personally use in our business as network marketers and home business entrepreneurs?

This is a question we get asked quite often by our team, fans, and followers. So we put this page together to help answer that question. 

These are the tools we're using in our daily operations RIGHT NOW that have our stamp of approval!

Disclaimer: Some of these products do have our affiliate link and we do make a small commission when bought. (No extra charge to you of course.) However, these are the tools we use in our business everyday that have helped us create our success. Some of these tools may not be needed in your business. So before buying, ask yourself, "Will this help me reach my overall business goal?" If the answer is yes, then go for it!

The Ultimate Inviting Blueprint for Network Marketers - It's no secret knowing how to invite is one of the most crucial skills any network marketer needs to master in order to succeed in this industry. In this FREE blueprint download written by us, you'll discover the exact scripts we use to invite prospects to take a look at our network marketing opportunity. We also give you ice breaker questions and million dollar tips that will make your inviting approach more natural and effective without coming off salesy. This is our FREE gift to you! Click here to download.

Attraction Marketing Boot Camp - In this FREE 10 day online recruiting boot camp you'll learn how to use Google and Facebook to generate leads, separate your hot prospects from the "suspects" and get paid while doing it. You'll also discover how to become the hunted instead of the hunter and get your prospects to call YOU about your business! Click here for more info! 

Attraction Marketing Formula - This formula acts as the blueprint for our entire online business building strategy. In this e-book download you'll learn how to use the internet to permanently end rejection and frustration and sponsor people with ease, how to create an army of distributors without having to pick up the phone, and how to create a never ending list of prospects asking YOU about YOUR opportunity. Click here to get it at a discount!

10 Minute Traffic Machine - In this 7 module step-by-step training you'll learn everything you need to create a never ending flow of high quality prospects for your business. You'll become a true authority in your niche as you discover where and how to find your ideal prospects and uncover their hidden fears and desires so you can motivate them to take action. Click here to learn more!

Elite Marketing Pro Mentorship Program - We had an unfair advantage when we took our network marketing business online. Elite Marketing Pro is the reason we came out of the gates strong and saw results in our business quickly. The daily, weekly and monthly training available with EMP is exactly what you'll need to learn and implement, with the help of a 1-on-1 coach, as well as us, to keep you focused on growing and promoting your business. Obviously, the quickest way to see results is to have someone show you the way... Click here to learn more!

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Simple Video Script Formula - Don't know what to say in your videos? This proven word-for-word formula download has helped us create thousands of leads over the past 6 months. This short word for word script will help turn a 2 minute video into a lead generation machine for your business! Yours FREE! Click here to download...

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Copywriter's Guild - Very few people have the skills to sell through words alone. This course will teach you how to make 6 figures in your network marketing business this year. We recommend this to ANYONE that is creating any kind of content online. This will help increase your engagement, which equals a more successful business. Click here for more info!

Getting Started Checklist - It's important that everyone on your team get's started the same way. This ensures proper duplication in your organization. Some examples of what needs to be included in your getting started checklist include enrolling with a business pack, committing to getting trained by registering for the next event, using your company's products, setting goals, etc. This is another FREE gift for you! Click here to download.