How To Get A YES Out Of Your Prospect Before You Even Start – Whit and Cari Higham

How To Get A YES Out Of Your Prospect Before You Even Start

(All credit for this strategy goes to Greg Gomez III with Greg taught us this strategy at an event in San Diego earlier this year.)

I’ll never forget the first time it happened.

Brand new to the industry, I had asked my aunt to let Whit and I “practice” our network marketing presentation on her to see if she could give us some pointers on how to make it better.

But, sitting down across from her, I had ulterior motives. I thought if I could just get the information in front of her, she’d see it the way we did and she’d enroll!  Being a very successful real estate agent in South Central Utah, I knew she had a list of names that would get her to the top of our company in no time.

Whit and I went through the presentation and she was very sweet and polite, said she’d talk it over with her husband, and get back to me. (I wouldn’t expect anything less from her. She’s pretty amazing.)

But in following up, her response stopped me dead in my tracks. She said:

“Sweetie, I hope you make millions with this, but network marketing is really not something I’m interested in.”

Oh that feeling I had!

I wasn’t upset she didn’t want to join. I was disappointed in myself for becoming that slimy salesman trying to trick someone into hearing about something they didn’t want to hear about. I had tried to “get” her and didn’t ever take her wants or needs into consideration.

This point was a pivotal moment in our business because we decided to start prospecting in an entirely different way.

It’s easy to become a “pushy” salesman in this industry because we love our products and services so much we think everyone in the world needs to be on them. But network marketing is not about manipulating people into buying what you’re trying to sell.

If you can wrap your head around this one concept, finding customers and enrolling reps will be much easier.

“People do not buy because of what we want to sell. They buy because of what they want to buy.”

There is a 7 question process we ask our prospects that makes it possible for us to tailor our presentations to fit their wants, desires, and needs.

In asking these questions, we’re able to close up to 90% of our prospects, because we aren’t pushing an unwanted agenda them and they come to the conclusion themselves that our opportunity or product is the solution they’ve been looking for.

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Question #1- What is the challenge?

People are always grumbling about their lives, whether they want to make more money, don’t have enough time freedom, are overweight, tired, stressed, etc. Identify what your prospect’s challenge is.

Question #2- What is the challenge keeping you from?

It’s not that a prospect isn’t making enough money and it’s not that a prospect doesn’t have time freedom. It’s the things that those challenges are keeping your prospect from that are the problem.

Maybe they work so much they don’t get to spend time with their kids. Maybe they have so much debt piled up they are a month away from losing their home. Maybe they lay awake at night stressing about how they’re going to put enough money away to retire.

From a product standpoint, maybe they’re exhausted from being up all night with a brand new baby and don’t have enough energy to make it through the day. Maybe they’re so self-conscious about their weight they refuse to go swimming with their kids because of how they look in a swimsuit.

This is your prospect’s “pain”. Their pain is what keeps them awake at night. They want to fix it and are looking for a solution.

Question #3- What other solutions have you tried?

This is important because it lets you in on 2 things:

a. What amount of time, effort, or money they’ve invested in the past.

b. Whether they were willing to pay for solutions or are looking for something free.

Question #4- What did you like about those solutions?

It’s extremely important to find some positive in what your prospect has tried before so you can bring the same positives into your invite and presentation.

Question #5- What didn’t you like about those solutions?

Again, this let’s you in on what your prospect is looking for as well as what they’re NOT looking for which is just as, if not more important.

You don’t want to guide someone into a solution that they don’t like. Obviously you’re ruining your chances of them joining your team or buying your product if you do this.

Question #6- What are you hoping to find in your next solution?

This is a point blank question for them to tell you exactly what they’re looking for.

With these 6 questions, you’re finding the most important thing in the world when it comes to network marketing and direct sales —–> YOUR PROSPECTS TRUTH!

When you identify this truth, bringing in your opportunity or product is a piece of cake, because you’ll know and they’ll know it’s something that can really benefit them.

Now, you can model your invite and presentation to fit their exact needs making them want to say yes!

That brings us to question 7, which is your invite.

Question #7- If I could show you a way you could achieve your wanted result with all these benefits without the things you didn’t like before, would it be worth 15 minutes of your time?

This process works because your prospect feels open to what you have to offer. You’ve listened and made them feel heard. They feel like you actually want and can help them with their problems.

So use these questions to bless people’s lives and make a lot of money at the same time! LOL

The only thing better than being able to use these to model your presentation to your prospects needs, is to have every prospect you speak to already open to hearing about your opportunity. How would your business change if before you ever spoke to a prospect, you could eliminate the chance of rejection all together?

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–Cari, xoxo

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 (All credit for this strategy goes to Greg Gomez III with Greg taught us this strategy at an event in San Diego earlier this year.)

Whit and Cari

Whit and Cari have been married for seven years and currently live in Utah with their two sons, Kaetz (3) and Zandrix (1). Over the past two and a half years in the network marketing industry, they have almost completely retired themselves out of working for other people and have found their passion in coaching others to do the same. Reach out to them and they will walk you through the process of shortening the timeline between the life you currently have and the life you dream of.