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How to Become a Top Earner in Network Marketing


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How many of you out there take a look at the leaders in your company and think… man, aren’t they’re lucky?!

Erase that thought from your mind RIGHT NOW and never think it again! 99% of the time, luck had NOTHING to do with getting where they’re at. Did you know you have what it takes to be a top income earner in your company? I promise you do. You’ve been holding yourself back…… until now.

We’ve put together a list of 5 things top earners have done to get them to the top. We can’t guarantee anyone success, because that comes down to you, but by putting these things into action, our business exploded and we watched out check grow.

Study the Industry

1- Study the Industry

How knowledgeable are the top earners in your company? They seem to know everything, right? When you have a question, you look to them for the answer. How do you think your business would change if you became a student of the industry? Maybe reading one book a month to increase your knowledge?

Tony Robbins says you’re only worth the amount of value you bring to the marketplace. If you find yourself stuck at a certain rank or feel like you’re treading water in this industry, start making yourself more valuable. Read books, attend events, sign up for email lists, and put what you learn into action. Become a student of the industry and a person people look to for answers when they have questions.


2- Pick a Mentor

Pick someone that has what you want and then do what they do. It’s that simple. We have mentors whom we have locked arms and are running with, as well as mentors in the industry we’ve never met, but want what they have.

If you feel like you don’t have a mentor, FIND ONE. Jim Rohn, Eric Worre, Robert Kiosaki, and Ray Higdon are great places to start.

When you do find someone that has what you want, walk like them, talk like them, and model what they do. When you do this, you will start making decisions like your mentor and you will start getting the same results.

serve others

3- Serve Others

In order to get what you want, you have to help others get what they want. Wake up every morning with a desire in your heart to serve others. Ask God these 3 questions every morning –

  • Where will you have me go?
  • What will you have me do?
  • What will you have me say?

Doing this will put you in a servant leader mindset that will explode your business. When you’re meeting with someone ask your self, what do I have that this person may need? How can I help this person best? Take the focus off of you and go forward with direction and purpose.


4- Believe You Can Do It

There are so many people that have what it takes to be a top earner, but they don’t believe they do. They don’t believe they can make that kind of money, having the big house, fancy car, and time freedom that comes from being wealthy. If your belief in yourself isn’t there, you will not be successful. But when in doubt, we always say fake it till you make it.

When we first started in this industry, my belief in my abilities was minimal if there at all, but I had amazing mentors that believed in me and what I could achieve, so I stole their belief in me until I started to believe it myself.


5- Work Your A$$ Off

People tend to think if they study the industry, find a mentor, believe in themselves, and think about serving others, they’ll be successful. All of these things will get you nowhere if you don’t get off your butt and get to work.

This industry takes self-discipline!

There is a certain type of work ethic that is required to achieve the top ranks in network marketing. If you have a mediocre work ethic, you’re going to have a mediocre pay check. Compensation plans are designed so that those treating this industry like a lottery ticket can only go so far. It takes effort and a ton of discipline to get to the top!

So when you don’t feel like making those phone calls, or driving who knows how far to help your team, or going to an event, DO IT ANYWAY. It’s the bridge between where you are and where you want to be. Don’t believe us? Ask our mentor Jim Rohn.

-Cari, xoxo

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Whit and Cari

Whit and Cari have been married for seven years and currently live in Utah with their two sons, Kaetz (3) and Zandrix (1). Over the past two and a half years in the network marketing industry, they have almost completely retired themselves out of working for other people and have found their passion in coaching others to do the same. Reach out to them and they will walk you through the process of shortening the timeline between the life you currently have and the life you dream of.

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