Events: Are They Really As Important As My Upline Says? – Whit and Cari Higham

Events: Are They Really As Important As My Upline Says?

Imagine you’re new to a company. You’ve just spent who knows how much money to launch your business and now your sponsor tells you there’s a convention next month across the country you need to go to… Holy Crap! What did you just get yourself into???

Do I really need to go to this event? I’m just getting started, can’t I make some money back first before I invest more? It’s on the same weekend as my family reunion, maybe I’ll go to the next one.

If you didn’t have questions like these when you first enrolled and went to your first event no questions asked, I applaud you! You clearly have an entrepreneurial mindset and know how valuable these trainings and investing in yourself can be, not only for you, but for your team.

However, if you’ve never had these questions go through your mind because you’ve never been coached to attend an event, out of love for you and your business, I’m telling you, you need to find a different mentor. You need someone that can effectively guide and direct you toward success.

That first month in this industry was TOUGH for us, as I’m sure it is for most people first starting out in this industry. We had no clue what we were doing and felt overwhelmed adding this new venture onto our plates. But we were ignorance on fire and had a deep desire to make this work. So we attended our first convention in April of 2014 and our lives completely changed.

In the video below I will give you the reasons why attending events can create a momentum in your business!

-Cari, xoxo


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Whit and Cari

Whit and Cari have been married for seven years and currently live in Utah with their two sons, Kaetz (3) and Zandrix (1). Over the past two and a half years in the network marketing industry, they have almost completely retired themselves out of working for other people and have found their passion in coaching others to do the same. Reach out to them and they will walk you through the process of shortening the timeline between the life you currently have and the life you dream of.

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