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How to Recruit with Facebook Sponsored Posts

Picture this…You share a blog post or broadcast a Live video and throw a few bucks Facebook’s way to deliver it to a larger audience…People see the post and request more information from you…You begin a chat over Facebook Messenger…You bring over 95% of ’em to a video chat…Then you work your magic, and…Upwards of […]

Confessions of a 7-Figure Online Network Marketer

(This post was written by our mentor Ray Higdon. We have followed Ray and his story for the past 3 years. Thank you Ray for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us!)I want to start out assuming you have NO idea who I am (although you may).So here’s my story…I am someone that left a […]

The 4 Pillars to a Network Marketing Breakthrough – Part 2

Today we’re talking about the 2nd pillar in the 4 pillars to a network marketing breakthrough.​Last week we dove into Pillar #1, which was a 90 Day Game Plan.You can access that training by clicking here.Pillar #2 is one that most people think they can “do without”. If you have this mentality, I’m here to […]

The 4 Pillars for a Network Marketing Breakthrough – Part 1

Everyone wants that breakthrough… You know what I’m talking about… The breakthrough where everything finally comes together and your business explodes!What if we told you a breakthrough was less than 90 days away for your business?In today’s training, we’re going over the first pillar of the 4 pillars that need to be in place to […]

The Anatomy of a Perfect Video

Getting in front of a video camera scared me to death when Whit and I first started building our business online. Voice cracking and body shaking, I found myself having to record a video 15-20 times before I felt it was good enough to post on our Facebook fan page or blog. Now, just a few […]

The Problem with Prospecting and Recruiting

This coming February will mark 4 years (2014) since we entered the network marketing arena and our life took a crazy detour into the world of entrepreneurship, deep personal development and experiencing more negativity than any human should have to endure. The good news is that our story in this industry has a happy ending. […]

Is it OK to Steal Someone Else’s Downline?

Now before you answer this question and jump into the “NO” camp… We’d like you to view the ethics for this question from a different perspective and you may be surprised by your own conclusion. You see a couple weeks ago, a mentor of ours received some complaints from leaders in the network marketing industry […]

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