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Recruit Via Social Media

Welcome to our Recruit Via Social Media Mini Course! We’re thrilled you’re here and hope you get a TON of value out of these 10 videos…In this course, we’re walking you through our prospecting and recruiting strategy step by step!Several times throughout the series, we talk about an e-book that helped us get started in […]

5 Steps to Build True Loyalty in Your Network Marketing Team

Can you guess the most scarce commodity in network marketing?Hint: it’s the “glue” that holds everything together.In fact, it’s something that applies to any business, but is especially important in network marketing.Any guesses?Ready for the answer?It’s loyalty!(I know, the title kinda gave the surprise away, ha ha.)Loyalty is—without exception—the single most scarce commodity in network […]

How to Recruit with Facebook Sponsored Posts

Picture this…You share a blog post or broadcast a Live video and throw a few bucks Facebook’s way to deliver it to a larger audience…People see the post and request more information from you…You begin a chat over Facebook Messenger…You bring over 95% of ’em to a video chat…Then you work your magic, and…Upwards of […]

How This Stay-at-Home Mom of Two Built a Network Marketing Downline of Over 9,000 People With Social Media

If you don’t have the ability to leave your family or home every evening to build your network marketing business using time-intensive traditional methods…Learn how this stay-at-home mom of 2 kids, built a massively successful network marketing team of over 9,000 distributors on social media, resulting in a multi-six figure income… Enjoy the training above, […]

Confessions of a 7-Figure Online Network Marketer

(This post was written by our mentor Ray Higdon. We have followed Ray and his story for the past 3 years. Thank you Ray for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us!)I want to start out assuming you have NO idea who I am (although you may).So here’s my story…I am someone that left a […]

The 4 Pillars to a Network Marketing Breakthrough – Part 2

Today we’re talking about the 2nd pillar in the 4 pillars to a network marketing breakthrough.​Last week we dove into Pillar #1, which was a 90 Day Game Plan.You can access that training by clicking here.Pillar #2 is one that most people think they can “do without”. If you have this mentality, I’m here to […]

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