Are You Self Destructing Your Business Without Even Knowing It? – Whit and Cari Higham

Are You Self Destructing Your Business Without Even Knowing It?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re babysitting your downline? No one will duplicate what you’re doing and step up to be a leader? They’re complaining? Maybe you have team members that like to argue with your coaching? Or you keep enrolling people that won’t do anything?

If you’ve ever felt this way… WE’VE BEEN THERE! It sucks, right? You’re working your butt off, probably feeling like you’re the only one on your entire team working and you’re frustrated.

In the beginning, we would recruit anyone and everyone that would listen to our opportunity. Because of this, we started to HATE this business after about a year. We lacked motivation to work with our team because it wasn’t fun, and honestly, it was becoming EXHAUSTING.

Feeling like we were driving our business into the ground, we went to an event looking for answers. It was there a light bulb went off and we changed the way we were growing our business!

There is a common mistake people make that can destroy the business they’re trying so hard to build. Learning the hard way, we’ve come to find there are 3 different personality types that can cripple your business in the long term, making you hate working on your business.

BUT, there is one personality type that you want to have your sites set on, because they will make working your business fun and profitable, guaranteeing success in the long run.

In the video below I break down the 3 personality types that can sabotage your business and the one you want to make sure you snatch the second you find them! It’s 8 minutes long, but if you aren’t a visual learner, and would prefer to read, continue on pass the video…

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Personality #1 – People who like to be right

Who are these people?

  • They like to argue with coaching
  • They don’t like constructive critisism
  • Always justifying their choices
  • They say “I know” but don’t take action

These type of people can drain the life out of you. You will constantly feel like you’re babysitting them, making it hard to build a business.

Personality #2- People who like to be comfortable

Who are these people?

  • They’re fine with their current situation
  • Would rather watch Netflix than build a business
  • Won’t implement coaching
  • Afraid to take risks
  • No desire for change

These type of people aren’t self starters. They will constantly need motivation from you and/or others in order to run their business. They will never be willing to step up and be the leader you’re trying to find.

Personality #3- People who like to be liked

Who are these people?

  • People Pleasers
  • Afraid to “rock the boat” or “go against the grain”
  • Need approval from others
  • Care about what people think about them
  • Will say yes – even if they disagree

These type of people won’t like people challenging their decision to do this business. After a few no’s, chances are they will quit. In the rare case they don’t, they will never want to be seen as the bad guy, making it difficult to push their teammates toward success. They will tell people what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.


Personality #4- People who like to WIN

Who are these people?

  • Competetive
  • Coachable/teachable
  • Have a laser focused vision of what they want and a plan to get there
  • Will take on a challenge
  • Adapt quickly
  • Have thick skin and don’t care about what people think about them
  • Burning desire for change and self growth

If you identify this personality – FIND A WAY TO WORK WITH THEM! Frankly, they’re going to be successful with or without you!

What if there was a way to attract and funnel people with a winning type of personality into your business through the internet? Would it make it easier to build, duplicate, prospect, and recruit with an army of winners?

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-Cari, xoxo

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Whit and Cari

Whit and Cari have been married for seven years and currently live in Utah with their two sons, Kaetz (3) and Zandrix (1). Over the past two and a half years in the network marketing industry, they have almost completely retired themselves out of working for other people and have found their passion in coaching others to do the same. Reach out to them and they will walk you through the process of shortening the timeline between the life you currently have and the life you dream of.

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