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How to overcome the 6 Basic Fears That Can Hold You Back From Acquiring Wealth

This past week we've been talking about the 6 fears that hold people back from success on our Facebook Fan Page. The problem with fear is it neutralizes the good behaviors you need to acquire wealth. It causes resistance in your day to day business building actions.

So for this week's blog post training, I wanted to recap everything we went through this week, as well as what we can learn from each fear and how to overcome them...

Fear #1- Fear of Poverty

The reason this fear is listed first is because it's the most destructive of all fears. It destroys all the good and natural behaviors you need to acquire wealth, including a definite purpose, a desire, persistence, and faith.

As simple as it seems, the antidote to all fears and this one as well is making a decision.

When we first got started in this industry, we were losing everything. We were the very definition of poverty. We were losing our house, living on macaroni and cheese, and drowning in debt.

What pulled us out was the decision we made and mindset we created that we were going to acquire wealth, we were going to do it responsibly, and we would be happy with the amount we acquired. We try to focus on all that is good instead of the bad, and we're trying to train our subconscious minds to think positively.

So decide today you personally are going to acquire wealth. You're going to do it responsibly and you're going to be happy with the amount you acquire.

Instead of focusing on the negative things that can happen in your business, focus on the positive. Think about all the good things that can happen when you are wealthy. Think about all the good you can do in this world.​

Fear #2- Fear of Criticism

Let's face it, if you're building a business that's different than that of the majority of others and traditional business, you're going to get a ton of criticism. 

When Cari and I first got started in this industry, we faced a lot of criticism from our family and friends. We knew there would be some, but nothing prepared us for just how much negativity we got.

People we thought would at least be supportive, were ​awful towards us, and it affected Cari the worst. 

But we've been able to overcome it! We've learned to not be emotionally attached to our business. I know that's hard, especially for people just starting out that want to see results quickly to prove everyone wrong. We feel your pain, but for Cari and I, it took us 6 months to sponsor our first person. So the results we were hoping to see didn't come for a LONG time.

We're grateful for it now, because we now consider ourselves bulletproof toward those that criticize us. But guess what... those that are sitting there criticizing you don't pay your bills. It's your decision on how you're going to take care of your family.

Come to accept that criticism is going to be there, no matter who you are, or what rank you happen to be in your company. Develop an invisible body shield that deflects all the negativity so you can continue onward toward the top. ​

Fear #3- Fear of Illness

You may be asking why I'm talking to you about illness when you came to this post in hopes of hearing more about business. 

This fear is a very natural one for many people to have because we're constantly being pounded with it every day. Don't let the focus of diseases and the symptoms of these diseases enter your mind. Always be filling your mind with positive things.

Decide you're going to live in health. You're no longer allowing fear to trigger that natural instinct of survival. Instead, face the fear head on​ by exercising, eating well, and getting plenty of rest. Then have faith that your body is going to take care of itself. 

Fear #4- Fear of losing someone's love

This fear is a big driving factor for a lot of people, and I personally think this fear is a big one that holds people back from finding the success they're looking for in their business.

I think everyone has that fear of someone judging them so harshly that they've decided to join an MLM that they won't talk to them anymore and avoid seeing them all together.

Remember, if someone truly loves you, they want you to be successful and find joy in whatever you're apart of. Decide today that you're going to enjoy the love you do have and love back with all the love you can give.   ​

Also, accept that some people are going to be unhappy with your decision because of preconceived notions about this industry. Be okay with having a little less love now, then work your butt off so they're grateful you didn't listen to them and quit later. The best way you can change someone's mind is by creating success.​

We did a training a couple months ago on how to handle disapproving loved ones while building your business. Click here to access that training. ​

Fear #5- Fear of old age

A lot of people have this fear... my wife included. The antidote to this fear is simply deciding that aging and becoming old is a blessing.

 Sadly enough, a lot of people never get to that point of feeling like they've lived a long life and are excited for what awaits them when they pass on. 

Another thing that comes with it is the experience, knowledge, and wisdom from living a long life.

So decide today that you're going to overcome this fear, and look at old age as a blessing. I personally like to look at it as earned.​

Fear #6- Fear of Death

This is a VERY real fear and it's a personal matter for anyone in their beliefs toward death. This is the biggest fear that holds people back, not just from building their business, but in living life in general.​

I've personally talked to people that won't travel, drive a car, or even leave their house because they're afraid of dying. 

The antidote to this fear is coming to accept and make peace with the fact that death is inescapable. Whether you're in an airplane or die of a heart attack at home in your bed it's going to come whether you feel ready for it or not.

So come to terms with it the best you can. Whether that be through religion, meditation, or whatever you need to do to be at peace with it. This is the biggest fear that can hold you back from enjoying the experiences this life has to offer.  ​

Decide today you are not just going to exist... but you're going to LIVE and love every moment that your life has to offer​.

To sum it all up, live in a spirit of gratitude that you are still here and you get to experience these 6 fears. Your business will grow and you'll enjoy living every minute of your life if you can over come them. 

-- Whit

These 6 basic fears came from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

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Whit and Cari

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