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5 Behaviors That Create And Preserve Network Marketing Success

There are certain behaviors top leaders and earners have done for so long that they’ve turned into habits. These habitual behaviors are what have set these leaders up for success and fuel their residual incomes.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to building a thriving organization, we decided it made much more sense to learn what these top leaders and earners do on a daily basis and then copy what they do.

Over the past 3 years of diving into personal development and mentorships, we’ve discovered there are 5 routines and patterns all top earners have in common, so we’ve made it a point to try and copy and duplicate these behaviors in our team.


Behavior #1- Start like a pro and sign up with the highest “pack” available for your company

We’ve heard the “I don’t have any money” excuse just like everyone else. What we’ve come to find is it’s just that… an excuse. If someone is going to enroll in your business, don’t you want to set them up for the most success as possible? We ALWAYS recommend the highest pack for the following reasons:

  • It’s still a fraction of the cost of a regular business.
  • It was created for the serious people that want to create a massive organization. (Do you want success fast or slow?)
  • You get more product to use in your business “launch”. (Testimonials, for you to use, to give away, etc.)
  • You only get one story. Make sure it’s one you want duplicated in your business. Remember, anything you do, your team will do. Make sure you’re setting good habits.

Behavior #2- Using a paper calendar

For basic reasons, a paper calendar is going to help you keep track of your presentations as well as help you keep track of all local and corporate events. If you want to find success in this industry, you need to be consistent in putting your opportunity in front of people. You also need to make sure you’re being trained by your company leaders, which make events critical to your business.

The reason we keep track of everything on paper is because technology has a habit of failing. We don’t leave our fortune in the hands of a cell phone that can be dropped into a sink of dishes.

Behavior #3- Create a database (list of people) and continue to add to it daily

You need a way to keep track of who you want in your opportunity as well as who you have put your opportunity in front of, right? We personally like to split our list into 3 categories:

  • Hot Market – Immediate family and close friends
  • Warm Market – Anyone we’ve talked to before and know their face. This includes people we went to elementary school with, friends of friends, people that know us by our face too.
  • Cold Market – Everyone else

The reason for splitting people up like this is it makes it easier to keep track of people.

About once every 3 months or so, we update our list in a spreadsheet we have saved to our google drive account. The names are alphabetical on this list, which again, helps keep track of everyone better.


Behavior #4- Familiarize yourself with your company and the industry

It’s time to become a student of Network Marketing. If you’re pursuing this as a career, shouldn’t you know the differences between a binary comp plan and a uni-level comp plan?

Shouldn’t you be able to tell a prospect whether it’s a privately traded company or a publicly traded company?

You need to be able to answer questions, back whatever company you’re apart of,  and give those that come into your team basic training on the industry you’re apart of.

It amazes us just how many people can’t answer basic questions like how they get paid or how they rank advance.

What about your product? What about your company’s story? If you’re apart of a company isn’t it important to be able to answer easy questions like this.

Your company should have trainings and tools to help you get started. We have mentors we like to study including Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Jim Rhone, and Robert Kyosaki.


#5- Have a daily method of operation

The actions you take each day are what is going to set you apart from a network marketing amateur and a network marketing professional.

There are 5 things you should be doing every single day to help your business grow. They include:

  1. Personal use of product – publicly if possible! There is nothing more important than being a product of the product you’re promoting. Using it publicly opens up conversation with those around you, making it easy to share your opportunity.
  2. Daily personal development. Your business is only going to be as big as the leader you are. If you’re feeling stuck, start working on you. Become that student of the industry we talked about earlier and watch how your business follows.
  3. Share product with someone new.
  4. Share your business opportunity with someone new. Both 3 and 4 should be a no brainer for anyone, no matter what company you may be with. The ONLY way your business is going to grow is if you put it in front of people.
  5. Promote events. There isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t promoting the next event we’re going to. We always promote events to prospects looking at our opportunity as well as those already in our organization. Prospects know if they enroll in our team, we expect them to be at the next event with us, no matter where it may be. We’re able to separate the amateurs from the professionals by who is attending the events and willing to make the sacrifice to invest in themselves.

If you make these 5 behaviors habits, you will see exponential growth, not only in yourself, but in your organization as well. We’ve put these into action and can’t believe the difference each behavior has made.

If you got any value from this post, share with anyone you think could benefit from it!

— Whit

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Whit and Cari

Whit and Cari have been married for seven years and currently live in Utah with their two sons, Kaetz (3) and Zandrix (1). Over the past two and a half years in the network marketing industry, they have almost completely retired themselves out of working for other people and have found their passion in coaching others to do the same. Reach out to them and they will walk you through the process of shortening the timeline between the life you currently have and the life you dream of.

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