November 2016 – Whit and Cari Higham
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The 4 Pillars to a Network Marketing Breakthrough – Part 2

Today we’re talking about the 2nd pillar in the 4 pillars to a network marketing breakthrough.​Last week we dove into Pillar #1, which was a 90 Day Game Plan.You can access that training by clicking here.Pillar #2 is one that most people think they can “do without”. If you have this mentality, I’m here to […]

The 4 Pillars for a Network Marketing Breakthrough – Part 1

Everyone wants that breakthrough… You know what I’m talking about… The breakthrough where everything finally comes together and your business explodes!What if we told you a breakthrough was less than 90 days away for your business?In today’s training, we’re going over the first pillar of the 4 pillars that need to be in place to […]

The Anatomy of a Perfect Video

Getting in front of a video camera scared me to death when Whit and I first started building our business online. Voice cracking and body shaking, I found myself having to record a video 15-20 times before I felt it was good enough to post on our Facebook fan page or blog. Now, just a few […]