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Are You Self Destructing Your Business Without Even Knowing It?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re babysitting your downline? No one will duplicate what you’re doing and step up to be a leader? They’re complaining? Maybe you have team members that like to argue with your coaching? Or you keep enrolling people that won’t do anything? If you’ve ever felt this way… WE’VE BEEN THERE! […]

The Importance of Consistency in Your Business

Time and time again I’ve seen it… Someone is gung-ho about their business one day – making calls, doing meetings, putting me on three way calls, etc. – and then the next… nothing. A week later, they’re building hard again, only to stop soon after. Then they call me wondering why there business isn’t growing. […]

How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

We were talking with a team member the other day and they felt like they were so overwhelmed with everything they had going on in their life, they didn’t know how to hone in and focus on their business. I’m sure they aren’t the first people to feel this way. Last night I was watching […]

Events: Are They Really As Important As My Upline Says?

Imagine you’re new to a company. You’ve just spent who knows how much money to launch your business and now your sponsor tells you there’s a convention next month across the country you need to go to… Holy Crap! What did you just get yourself into??? Do I really need to go to this event? I’m just […]

The Key to Networking Success

Does your up line hammer the concept of following up with people into your head? If they don’t, shame on them. The fortune is in the follow up, people! I’m here to tell you that not following up with people could be the missing link to you finding success in this industry. Let me give you an example […]

How to Become a Top Earner in Network Marketing

How many of you out there take a look at the leaders in your company and think… man, aren’t they’re lucky?! Erase that thought from your mind RIGHT NOW and never think it again! 99% of the time, luck had NOTHING to do with getting where they’re at. Did you know you have what it […]

7 Tips To Inviting Like A Boss

Knowing how to invite people to take a look at your opportunity is crucial to any network marketing business. Yet, it seems to be the biggest thing holding a lot of people back from succeeding. When I’m sitting down and training a new distributor, and we go to make those first few phone calls, 9 […]

HACK: Building a Network Marketing Business Just Got Easier

Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of hearing the following excuses when prospecting for your network marketing business – I don’t have the money to get started. I don’t have enough time. Is this a pyramid scheme? I’m not a salesman. I don’t like people. This just isn’t my thing. I’ll have to ask my spouse before I join. I have to buy product every […]