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10 Habits Of The Highly Successful

How are some people able to claim their wealth so quickly while others struggle to bring in a paycheck? Is there more to it then they let on? What secret do they have that they refuse to share with others?

Being around many people that have the success we want, we know they’re the best examples we can follow to achieving that level of success we’re so close to having. In being around these leaders, we’ve discovered there is no secret they have at all, but rather a few habits they practice that help them attract success.

Continue reading to learn these habits and whether you’re practicing them everyday…

Habit #1 – Vision

Have you ever been to an event and been able to hear a top leader in your company speak? (If you haven’t been to an event, register for the next one NOW!) If you have, do you remember the posture that top earner had? What was their message toward their team and toward the company?

I guarantee you they had a crystal clear vision of where they were going and where the company was going. Not only do they imagine it, but it becomes apart of them. They can see, taste, and smell success, and because of this clear vision, they’re able to inspire others.

Your vision needs to be higher than your goal. You need to always be aspiring and pushing higher. The second you think “I’ve made it” is the second you stop growing. If there’s anything we’ve learned in this industry, if you aren’t growing, you’re shrinking. There is no standing still.

This vision matters the most to people just starting out in the industry. You’re going to have a lot of haters… uneducated people telling you you’re crazy for jumping into network marketing. But if you have that crystal clear vision of what success is going to look like, there will be no one and nothing that can stand in your way!

Tell yourself “the people that bat against me are going to lose!” “Bet against me… go ahead!”

Stop hiding from your potential and find that crystal clear vision, and get your but in gear to prove all the haters wrong.


Habit #2- Belief

It’s no secret that those that find success have a HUGE belief in themselves, in their company, in their companies products, and in their team.

If there’s any advice we can give you it’s this… Believe Bigger Faster!

Belief starts with faith – the ability to believe something you haven’t seen yet. It’s important to exhibit this believe when you’re still in faith mode, because you will start to affect those around you.

Faith turns to hope and hope is a powerful thing. So start getting to be friends with the top earners. Their stories will build your belief and bring you from faith to hope faster. The faster you believe, the faster you get to the top.

Once you’re to the top… You have knowledge. With knowledge comes the surety of what you’re apart of and what you’re doing and then you’re able to transfer your belief to those just getting started. When you can inspire others, you can create a huge movement in any opportunity.

Habit #3- Simplicity

It’s challenging to be simple in a world that likes to make things hard. So focus on simplifying your day to day actions as well as your system.

The most important thing to ANY network marketing business is duplication. If things become hard, the duplication is lost, which means your business doesn’t grow and in most cases will fall apart. Keep your message simple and focused.

Habit #4- Positivity

Purge yourself of all the negativity around you! I started doing this a few months ago and let me tell you, it’s not easy. But it has been worth it!

You attract what you are. If you’re a Debbie Downer… you’re going to attract a whole lot of Debbie Downers. So decide to be pathologically positive. Unreasonably positive! All. The. Time. You never want to plant seeds of doubt in your team, so decide now that you’re going to fake it till you make it and never have a bad day again.

Both positive and negative are contagious. Negativity is cancer to any business. It spreads like a wild fire and can end up putting your business back months or even years.

How do the top earners in your company make you feel? I guarantee they’re masters at spreading positivity and making others feel amazing about themselves.

So be freakishly positive! It makes you attractive and people will find an excuse to work with you.

Habit #5- Hard Work

There’s incredible pleasure in meaningful work. We’ve been taught our whole lives that working hard means pain and obligation, but entrepreneurs look at work as a privilege. To them it’s fun and a blessing.

This business is not work… it is now your life! If you look at this as a way to grow and contribute, you will find happiness. You need to be excited to wake up everyday and build your business. If you aren’t excited about your leaders or your product or your comp plan, etc., you need to find a new opportunity that resonates with you.

You don’t have to love every piece of network marketing, but it’s worth it to bless people’s lives and live the life you dream of.


Habit #6- Focus

Our world is designed to make us lose our focus. Through people, social media, television, iPads, phones, etc., there’s always someone or something trying to get our attention.

The top earners are laser focused and aren’t distracted from doing what they set out to do.

Don’t let little distractions get in your way. When you do, you’re holding yourself back. Make the decision to buckle down and get to work and that you aren’t going to stop until you’ve reached the level of success you want to achieve.

Habit #7- Unreasonable

Top earners are top earners for a reason and they’re part of the top 3% of the world for a reason. They’re not natural. They don’t follow what the world thinks and they don’t conform to society. They get laughed at and judged and they have crazy and unbelievable goals. But they don’t care. They are bullet proof.

If you want to be a top earner in this industry, you need people to think you’re unreasonable! You need to be willing to miss Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday night to do a presentation, you need to be willing to miss going to dinner with friends to be on a training call with your team, you need to be willing to maybe miss the family reunion to be to an event.

Make the decision to be UNREASONABLE. When you’re unreasonable with this business, success will have no choice but to follow you.

Habit #8- Promotion

Never stop promoting. You need to be a promoting fool when it comes to events, your product, training, etc. Go nuts on promoting every single thing you love, whether it has to do with your business or not.

Don’t just invite a person to look at your business or attend an event, promote it! Make people feel like they’re missing out if they don’t do it. Be willing to pick people up to go to meetings. We carpool to every event because we don’t want anyone to ever have the excuse not to go. Because of this, we get butts in seats and our business grows.

Also, take your products in public. It’s the best way to start a conversation about your business.


Habit #9- Strategic

Have a strategy for everything in your business. Top earners have a plan for getting more people to attend events, getting new distributors trained, growing their business from month to month, etc. They have a strategy for everything!

The best strategy for you to figure out right now is how to out recruit everyone in your city, then help your team members out recruit everyone in their cities. If your team can out recruit other teams, there’s no stopping you.

You’ll set yourself and your team up for success this way. To get more information on how we prospect and recruit online, click here.

Habit #10- Immersion

It’s time to be completely immersed in this industry and in growing and learning. Top earners aren’t just dipping their toes in the water, they have cannon balled and made a splash!

It’s time to get network marketing into your DNA. It’s no secret we have a better way! Until this becomes your primary thought, you can only grow so far. Make the decision right now that the only things you’re going to put before your business are your God and your family. Until this is built, everything else can wait.

Decide now to become a professional in the industry and put these habits to work. There’s not a doubt in my mind you have what it takes to find success in this industry, you just need to freaking decide to do it.

-Cari, xoxo

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Whit and Cari

Whit and Cari have been married for seven years and currently live in Utah with their two sons, Kaetz (3) and Zandrix (1). Over the past two and a half years in the network marketing industry, they have almost completely retired themselves out of working for other people and have found their passion in coaching others to do the same. Reach out to them and they will walk you through the process of shortening the timeline between the life you currently have and the life you dream of.

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